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This album is a selection of demo material recorded primarily during the summer of 2012.


released February 4, 2015

Everything by Matt Vituccio



all rights reserved


SuperPK Pennsylvania

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Track Name: My Song 19
When I decide to get back up
I’ll do whatever you want
I’ll go out or something but
I’m not saying I’m having any kind of fun

And you make it hard to stand
And it’s always turning bends
And it’s hard to stick a landing from the fan
But if you can
Then go a head, impress me

Laying around this piece of shit
Every time I sleep it seems permanent
I’m not trying to drag you in
But if your hands in the void then I’d trust you could control a magnet

And I laugh about it, but
I don’t feel like waking up
And it’s hard to take it serious and stuff

Nice try.
Maybe next time.
Track Name: Asthma
Every single time
Every god damn time
I half made up my mind
I half made up a lie that I can tell myself at night

And most of all
It’s feeling like a slug when the world is salt
And over all
It’s living in the fog when I need to see her eyes jolt

Forget it
Stoned in bed
Break for it
Run the fuck away
And don’t look back
And while you still can

I’m a silly line
You might just be the serious kind
And can I get a square?
I know you have a lighter, so you don’t have to pretend

And I don’t mean to stare
But I kind of like the way you never talk, and tie your hair
Did I offend?
Did I make you uncomfortable? It’s just a joke, I swear

Black is black
And it’s the color I choose
The number remains none
My spirit is the moon
Walk like suicide
Head held low
Summer heat burns
My body is the snow
The wand chose I
The shifting of the tides
The color of the sky
The color of your eyes in the light
Track Name: Sweet Dreams
Make a silly face
Have some faith
I never thought we’d do that great

Maybe I’m no fun
Maybe I think too much

Or not at all
But come this fall
Should be nostalgia about it all

Mess around in my head with it
Toss around my body

Hey, kiddo.
Don’t look so…